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Every Millisecond Counts

High-Performance Applications

It requires a deep understanding and extensive knowledge to reliably manage an e-commerce platform with millions of products or an online campaign with hundreds of thousands of participants each day.

Performance Optimisation and Conception

We are often confronted with web projects that are already running, but which are under-performing or lacking reliability. Our team of experts identifies the most pressing bottle necks and takes instant measures to solve these. Increasing performance and security begins with making the infrastructure more resilient and ends with code efficiency and testing.

Be Sure to Use DevOps Smartly

Our work gains effectiveness if you involve our DevOps and architecture experts right from the start. Thereby, you win time during the entire development period and benefit from the resource-saving implementation of your project.

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Microsoft Gold- und Silverpartnerschaften von byte5

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COO & Management

Chris Köhler

Chris is the first point of contact for our clients and those who want to become one. He is a computer scientist and has over twenty years of experience in the web business. With Chris, you don't waste time on a sales pitch, but receive sound advice immediately.

Bulk processing or performance optimisation

The things that are daily business for us are often unsolvable hurdles for agencies. Tell us about your project.

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