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Project Profile

Leading Motorbike Manufacturer

The marketing campaign of a large motorbike manufacturer only runs for a few days each year and attracts masses of visitors to the Umbraco website, which until now had always collapsed under the load. So technologically, it needed a high-performance site that was always available, even at peak times. The cloud transformation of byte5 made it possible.

The Highlights

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Cloud Transformation with Microsoft Azure

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high Scalability

through ensemble of coordinated Azure mechanisms

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Realisation with a high-performance solution

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trouble-free operation

permanently available and consistently performant

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secure authentication

through Azure Active Directory B2C

The Challenges

The highly promoted campaign is held annually and attracts a lot of interest. On the campaign website, motorbike enthusiasts can register to test their favourite models once for free. A PDF is generated and downloaded in the process. After complications with the availability of the site in the previous year, the client commissioned byte5 to ensure the smooth running of the promotion.

With the traditional hosting of the website, the client was previously faced with a decision: either a high performance solution, which is however provided for a full year and means corresponding costs, or a cheap web solution, which however does not come close to covering the required performance and threatens to fail at any time. The cloud transformation proposed by byte5 was intended to eliminate this problem with a single blow. The declared goal was the realisation of a Microsoft Azure website that is capable of processing the expected flood of requests. To achieve this, byte5 had to create an infrastructure that is dynamically scalable upwards.


The Solution

In order to sustainably optimise the multilingual Umbraco site, the byte5 team of experts transferred it to Azure. It relied on various Azure services for the implementation: Azure Active Directory B2C is used to generate the PDFs, which enables user authentication and ensures a seamless customer experience. Azure Web Apps are the engine behind the front-end scaling models. The Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is responsible for delivering content securely and quickly. Images now reside off-site in Azure Blob Storage. When interlocking Azure services with Umbraco, the development team never lost sight of the most important thing: the performance of the website.


The Result

In this project, the specialists from byte5 created a best practice solution for a highly frequented Umbraco site. During the entire campaign period, the website was continuously accessible and always high-performing. In the background, a complex system works to ensure that the site withstands the peaks without compromise. At the same time, the new cloud architecture successfully prevents the website from becoming a financial burden for the client.

Thanks to the Azure transformation by byte5, the marketing campaign can unfold its full potential. Furthermore, the campaign website is well prepared for the coming campaign years - with a sustainable, flexible and dynamic Azure infrastructure.


The Customer

Motorcycle manufacturer

As one of the world's largest manufacturers of motorcycles and sports cars, the customer places a special focus on the interplay of design and functionality. In this way, it ensures pure driving pleasure for motor sports enthusiasts.

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