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We are all digital pioneers

As DIGITAL PIONEERS, we rely on innovative solutions, technologies and methods to lead complex web projects to success in a smart way.

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We Are All Digital Pioneers

As digital pioneers, we rely on innovative solutions, technologies and methods to lead complex web projects to success in a smart way.

Specialization in ASP.NET, .NET Core, Laravel, IOTA and Microsoft Azure

Focus on best-of-breed solutions with Umbraco, Pimcore, kentiko kontent and commercetools

Pragmatic, transparent and agile implementation

Honest and customer-centered communication

Free of silos and monoliths

We Are All Fascinated by Technology

Every team at byte5 is made up of dedicated experts.

In contrast to a typical generalist agency, our team consists only of certified and proven specialists. The acute comprehension of our core technologies gives our customers a crucial advantage. Fallback Image

Sate-of-the-art Web Solutions in PHP

Laravel is our PHP framework of choice for the implementation of complex, mission-critical web solutions. It ensures a stable, modern architecture.

More than Product Data

The product information platform enables the modern and efficient management of diverse data. It includes modules for digital asset management, content management and digital commerce.

Content Management: Open Source And Ultra Flexible

Following the best-of-breed approach, Umbraco integrates itself lean and simply into your existing infrastructure while always remaining flexible and performant.

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We Are All Committed to Success

Digital Pioneers. Virtual Solutions. Real Success

Following this maxim, we ensure the success of mission-critical web and e-commerce projects for medium and large-sized companies across the globe. With sincere commitment and great expertise, we make the most challenging projects a success, even if they have already been in the hands of third parties. Our portfolio includes consulting, development and trainings – always with the objective of creating sophisticated and high-performance enterprise web applications.

We Are All Ready for the Future

Distributed ledger technologies like IOTA are as disruptive as they are complex. Penetrating them opens up immense potential.

With what diverse possible fields of application does IOTA make your company future-proof?

What advantages does it offer for your business?

How does IOTA differ from other DLTs like the Bitcoin blockchain or Ethereum?

We Are All Part of the Solution

Individual challenges need flexible solutions.

Our forte is the creation of challenging solution scenarios. Benefit from the experience we gathered from hundreds of projects in the fields of CMS, e-commerce, microservices, and cloud.