Umbraco is the perfect CMS for the lean approach

Umbraco SweaterWe use a set of standardized tools offering you the best possible web solutions.

Umbraco is our content management system (CMS) of choice to help us solving your problems and providing you with the perfect tool for the lean approach on your web projects, web sites or e-commerce systems.

We guess you want to know more about why we took this decision and how this matters for you.


Why do we use Umbraco?

No limitations, no dead-ends

Umbraco is one of the most advanced open source content management systems. In this case "advanced" doesn't mean "plenty of features out of the box", but that it has a lean web DNA ready to do anything you can imagine.


What's your advantage?

You'll get what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is because of Umbraco's lean approach and customization abilities. Umbraco grows with your needs and you can integrate anything like e-commerce, social media, blogs, forums, ERP, CRM or cloud services without switching to another system.

Who else is using Umbraco?

Umbraco runs some of the biggest sites in the web. You're in good company.

Right now, there're about 220.000 active installations worldwide, growing rapidly. The special thing about Umbraco is, that it fits small sites as well as huge installations like the Red Bull Stratos website with millions of interactions per day.

What makes byte5 so special when choosing Umbraco?

byte5 is a bunch of dedicated Umbraco experts.

We have the biggest Umbraco Certified Developer team in Germany at your service with a variety of special fields of knowledge. We cover mainly consultancy, web design and web development, but we also offer Umbraco-focussed trainings, hosting and custom package development.

byte5 is the only Umbraco Gold Partner in Germany.

For years we've been dedicated Umbraco supporters and even decided to go a step further by becoming one of the few first Umbraco Gold Partners worldwide. As a Gold Partner we can offer you everything you need for a professional and successful Umbraco project.

byte5 is an official certfication trainings partner for Umbraco.

We offer international certification trainings and custom courses for Umbraco, uCommerce and Tea Commerce. Years of practice in trainings and consultancy for Umbraco make sure to give you the best possible experience. At byte5 you can learn from the best.

Last but not least: We breathe Umbraco.

We are dedicated Umbraco specialists with extensive knowledge on mid-sized and big projects around the world. In an open source project the community connection is crucial, so we are in constant exchange with international partners and contributors. In Germany we support the Umbraco community with unique events and festivals.