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Umbraco 14: That's new.

At Codegarden, Louay was already enthusiastic about the new backoffice that will be introduced with Umbraco 14. Let's have a look at what's new in v14.

3 New Features in Umbraco 14

Management API: A new interface improves communication between the backoffice and backend. It is based on RESTful principles and enables a clear separation of responsibilities. We can also use the new Management API to develop extensions, making it easier and more consistent for us to develop our own components for our customers. 

2. Extension-first UI: As developers, we appreciate the freedom that Umbraco offers. And v14 does not disappoint either. The entire Umbraco user interface is built with the new Extension API and the Umbraco UI Library, and we can use these resources to create our own extensions and integrations.

3. Modernization of Technologies: Umbraco 14 uses current development standards such as TypeScript and Web Components, replacing AngularJS. This improves integration into development environments, increases productivity and makes Umbraco future-proof. 

Umbraco 14 Backoffice

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Umbraco 14 Backoffice

Who should update to Umbraco 14?

Umbraco 14 is a version with standard term support, which means it will be supplied with updates until May 2025. Umbraco 13, on the other hand, will not enter the end-of-life phase until December 2026. It may therefore make sense to stay on Umbraco 13 in individual cases. Due to the new backoffice, there are breaking changes between versions, i.e. the changes could affect functionality of elements after the update, as they first have to be migrated to the new technology. 

If you work with Umbraco and are unsure whether you need an update or how you can implement the update, please contact us for an initial consultation to check your options. 

What .NET team lead Dennis thinks about Umbraco 14.

The switch in the backoffice from the outdated AngularJS to Web Components and the associated change in the architecture of Umbraco is the most exciting change in the new version for me. This approach offers new possibilities for integrating our own extensions into the backoffice. Thus, it makes it easier for us to create new components.

Dennis Zille,

Senior Developer

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You can find more information about the release of Umbraco 14 on the Umbraco website. 

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