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Selected Technologies for Web 3.0

Every team at byte5 is made up of real talents, who are experts in their respective field.

The acute comprehension of our core technologies gives our customers a crucial advantage on the way to Web 3.0.

The internet is continuously changing. We believe that with Web 3.0, however, we are in for a market-changing disruption. The associated technologies and services are also changing. We are prepared for this - and so are our customers. Web 3.0 will replace centralised services and platforms. They will be replaced by decentralisation, self-determination over one's own data, new markets and business areas.

Our Core Technologies

In order to best prepare our customers for this change and to accompany them in the transition to Web 3.0, we rely on selected core technologies that convince us with their uniqueness and practicality. As specialists in each of these tools, we maintain certified and experienced developers and architects.

We fully comprehend these these technologies and systems, which gives our customers a crucial advantage.

State-of-the-art Web Solutions in PHP

Laravel is our PHP framework of choice for the implementation of complex, mission-critical web solutions. It ensures a stable, modern architecture.

More than Product Data

The product information platform enables the modern and efficient management of diverse data. It includes modules for digital asset management, content management and digital commerce.

Content Management: Open Source and Ultra Flexible

Following the best-of-breed approach, Umbraco integrates itself lean and simply into your existing infrastructure while always remaining flexible and performant.

Digitalisation of Trust

A distributed ledger technology with an enormous potential. This Berlin-based open source technology paves the way for future projects - and not just in the Internet of Things.

Modern .NET-based Content & Commerce

E-Commerce Solutions for Innovators and Visionaries

React, Angular, Vue - performant and individual

Which tool is the right one for your project?

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