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Laravel Support

by the Experts

Being the very first Laravel Partner in the German-speaking, byte5 is the ideal partner for consulting, trainings, hosting or general support.

You think Laravel will be the right system for you and would like to start using Laravel for your own web solution? Our experts assist you exactly where it is needed!


Would you like to find out how you can use Laravel specifically and profitably for your project? Whether your project is still in the planning phase or is already being implemented, the expertise of our longstanding Laravel experts will put you on the road to success.


byte5-CTO Marcel Wege und Senior-Entwickler Dennis Zille bei einem Vortrag

© Douglas Robar

byte5-CTO Marcel Wege und Senior-Entwickler Dennis Zille bei einem Vortrag

If your company has its own web developers who will implement your web solution with Laravel, our Laravel training courses ensure that you do not waste valuable time on failures or experiments. Our Laravel developers work quickly, efficiently and professionally with the framework and thus achieving tangible, sustainable results.

First European Laravel Partner

Laravel Diamond Partner

Laravel Diamond Partner

As Europe's oldest Laravel supporter, byte5 is in close contact with the Laravel founder, Taylor Otwell, and offers unique support for challenging mission-critical projects based on Laravel.


If the development of a web solution comes to a standstill, our support offer helps you to eliminate the problems as quickly as possible. Our experts support your developers with advice and action to ensure that your budgets and deadlines are met on time.


There are a number of options for operating Laravel-based web solutions. Whether to use a classic web server, a simple web space or a scalable cloud solution depends entirely on the characteristics of your project. Which interfaces should be implemented, what access volume can be expected? We answet your questions and support you in choosing the right hosting strategy.

We are always at your side. As Laravel Emerald Partner, we know all of Laravel's requirements for server technology and can react consistently and quickly even in high-load scenarios or in the event of a hacker attack.

Your partner

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COO & Management

Chris Köhler

Chris is the first point of contact for our clients and those who want to become one. He is a computer scientist and has over twenty years of experience in the web business. With Chris, you don't waste time on a sales pitch, but receive sound advice immediately.

Quick and compentent support

by Europe's first Laravel partner

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