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Content-as-a-Service Instead of a Traditional CMS:

Kentico Kontent

As a Content-as-a-Service platform, Kentico Kontent is our reliable tool for structuring and managing extensive content.

Why Kontent?

It is 2020 and still content is still being managed inefficiently and unsystematically in many enterprises. With Kontent, Kentico offers a way to control and scale content in a targeted manner. This turns a tangle of content bits into a bundled, clear structure – and makes for a pleasant user experience for your customers.

Head off to the future.

As a content-as-a-service platform, Kentico Kontent is very different from conventional content management systems. It is our go-to tool for projects with a focus on large amounts of structured content, an omnichannel environment, extensive approval processes and unlimited scalability.

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Some of Our Kentico Projects

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COO & Management

Chris Köhler

Chris is the first point of contact for our clients and those who want to become one. He is a computer scientist and has over twenty years of experience in the web business. With Chris, you don't waste time on a sales pitch, but receive sound advice immediately.

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