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Welcome to byte5 ... Jure Knezovic

In this blog series, the newest members of our second family introduce themselves. Today: Laravel developer Jure, who moved from Croatia to Germany especially for his job at byte5.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

In order to join the byte5 team as a developer, 26 year old Jure Knezovic moved from his home country of Croatia to Frankfurt, Germany. The computer engineer has been with our Laravel team since February 2020.

My Way to byte5

What is your position at byte5?

Junior web developer

Where are you from? Where were you before you came to byte5?

I come from Makarska, a famous and beautiful vacation spot in Croatia. After completing high school in Makarska, I studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Zagreb, where I did my Master’s in Computer Engineering. During my studies, I worked on many projects at my faculty and in some companies and mainly developed web and Java applications. After I had graduated, I worked as a freelancer for a few months and then decided it was time for me to find a job. Fortunately, I found what I was looking for at byte5.

© byte5

What brought you to byte5?

Unfortunately, most of the development companies in Croatia are located in Zagreb. When I was living in Zagreb while studying, I realised that it was not the city where I wanted to spend most of my life. I was in Frankfurt in the early 2000’s and was amazed at the entire multicultural environment and the travel options Frankfurt International Airport offers.

For this reason, Frankfurt was the only option in my eyes. When looking for a job, I came across byte5. That was one of the companies that I liked the most. The family atmosphere as well as trust and openness are rare and difficult to find.

My byte5

What projects are you involved in?

I am currently working with Laravel on the app for GLEIF. Apart from that, I am sharpening my Vue and typescript knowledge for future projects.

What did you find most interesting about your work at byte5 so far?

I was a bit surprised by the size of the byte5 team when I saw how many of our customers are large companies. Given that, I actually thought that a lot more people were working at this company. It turns out: there’s a lot of talent around here!

Describe byte5 in three words, starting with the first letter of your name:

With J? That’s difficult because Janosch, Jessica and Jerome have used up all the words. 😊 This is why I’ll do it in Croatian:

Jakost, jedinstvo, jednakopravnost – strength, unity, equivalence!

My Favourite ...

place to lunch in Ostend: supermarkets Rewe and Edeka

spot in the byte5 office: my desk or the Fatboy beanbag!

byte5-Entwickler Jure Knezovic auf einem Sitzsack im byte5-Büro

My favourite place in the whole office! 🥰 - © byte5

technology: There are many, but let’s say the Internet ...

computer game: The GTA series.

superhero: Professor X

film genre: It depends on the situation. I like most, but mostly sci-fi.

music genre: As with the film genre: It depends on the situation. At the moment, I mainly listen to Power Metal and Symphonic Metal, especially Sabaton and Nightwish. Anything but rap is fine.

byte5-Entwickler Jure Knezovic mit Mundschutz während der Corona-Krise

During the current COVID-19 crisis, I swapped my beloved beanbag in the office for my sofa at home 😷 - © byte5

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