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Welcome to byte5 ...

Janosch Wann

In this blog series, the newest members of our second family introduce themselves. <br><br>Today: Laravel trainer and junior dev Janosch, the first to be brought into the byte5 team through the talent bonus.

Some of you might know our newest Laravel dev Janosch from our interview with him and his good friend Trish. Janosch was the first to be brought into the byte5 team through the byte5 talent bonus. The 27-year-old was on the search for a work environment that allowed self-fulfillment – and started working at byte5 at the beginning of the year.

My Way to byte5

What is your position at byte5?

Junior web developer and Laravel trainer

Where are you from? Where were you before you came to byte5?

I come from the Rhein-Neckar district, where before I started working at byte5, I worked for a payment service provider in Heidelberg.

byte5-Entwickler und Laravel-Trainer Janosch Wann

© byte5

byte5-Entwickler und Laravel-Trainer Janosch Wann

What brought you to byte5?

Immediately after she started working at byte5 herself, my goof friend Trish from our web designer team asked me whether I wouldn’t want to apply and join the team. Since it was time for a change for me anyway and I found the byte5 team mega interesting, I seized the opportunity straight away. 😉 The application process was quick and a short time later I began working here myself.

My byte5

What projects are you involved in?

I work on a lot of cool projects with cool tasks. 😊 I am also regularly on the road for byte5 as a Laravel trainer.

What did you find most interesting about your work in the projects so far? And with byte5 in general?

I always find it extremely interesting to give Laravel trainings: seeing new places, meeting new people and passing on my knowledge to them. It is good to represent a company that you identify with!

I think it’s awesome that right away the byte5 management put so much trust in me to send me on trips alone.

Is there anything that surprised you with byte5?

Positively, yes! Everyone in the team is unexpectedly relaxed and friendly – I was not used to it, but it helped me immensely to get started here.

Describe byte5 in three words, starting with the first letter of your name:

Jackpot – Jubel (cheering) – Jugend (youth)!

My Favourite ...

technology: I cannot decide … there are so many cool ones out there!

computer game: Animal Crossing

music genre: Metalcore

film genre: Everything with dinosaurs 😁

superhero: Beast Boy

place to lunch in Ostend: Rewe supermarket

spot in the byte5 office: Can’t decide – the whole office is so cool! 😃

Die Freunde Janosch und Trish von byte5 machen gemeinsam ein Selfie

© byte5

Die Freunde Janosch und Trish von byte5 machen gemeinsam ein Selfie

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