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We Are byte5 ... Laura Vogt

Everyone in our team contributes to making byte5 the company we all love: with their personality, their knowledge and their individual competences. In our team series, our employees introduce themselves – this time, it’s content manager Laura Vogt.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Where there are words, there is Laura: As a philologist, our marketing manager is brimming with matching words, correct spelling and grammar. Anyone entering her office is greeted by a pleasant scent of candles and tea. With the teapot on the warmer next to her and the Hufflepuff mug at hand, the 31-year-old is always producing new content bits for byte5 – from blog posts to videos. Usually, it’s Laura who interviews people for the byte5 blog. Today she filled in the profile herself.

Your Private Self

Your position at byte5: content and PR manager, I’m also an event organiser when there’s no global pandemic going on ✍️

You like: tea, handmade music, psychology, language, video production, spinach and the audio play series “Die Drei Fragezeichen”🥰

You don’t like: negativity, intolerance, alcohol, meat and bitter food 👎

Your biggest geek achievement: When I simultaneously won “High Five, You Rock!” and “High Five, I Suck!” at the byte5 bingo on my birthday. #doubledown ✋

What you wish to be doing exactly 50 years from today: Sitting healthily and happily in the sun in front of our Swedish summer house with my husband and our family, and chatting about our upcoming travel plans. 🏡

Your byte5 Self

How did you come to work at byte5? I had just finished my Magister’s degree in Scandinavian Studies, British Studies and History and I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted my professional life to go. What I did know was what kind of a corporate culture I needed: creative, personal, and dynamic. I wanted a job with a lot of personal responsibility and varied tasks.

byte5-Content-Managerin und Unternehmenssprecherin Laura Vogt

Laura, the happy wordsmith. 📜 - © byte5

Then everything went very quickly: I discovered byte5’s vacancy, read it with great enthusiasm, wrote my application, sent it off, twenty minutes later the phone rings: an invitation to a job interview the next day. And the rest, as they say, is history. ❤️

How long have you been part of the Second Family? In the summer of 2017, I started working part-time as a student trainee, shortly afterwards I became a full-time employee. I have been the byte5 content department ever since. 😉

What’s the coolest thing about your job? Great team, excellent bosses, tremendous trust in one another and the opportunity to develop myself further according to my interests and needs. And as far as content goes ... There are so many ways to communicate, tell stories and convey knowledge. Content production is just so organic, I think that’s awesome. 😊

A meh day at work: Nothing goes – uncreative, unfocused and unproductive. 🙄

A great day at work: My creativeness just keeps flowing while colleagues in unicorn costumes shoot at each other with nerf guns while Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want for Christmas” is playing in the background. 🦄

How do you describe the interplay between work and the Second Family? The familial atmosphere creates a relaxed, fun atmosphere that makes work extremely pleasant and productive. When I am faced with a challenge, my Second Family supports me. It just goes into each other. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

The bosses and myself 🤗 - © byte5

The ... of Your Dreams:

Super power: time manipulation and time travel ⌛

Travel destination: So many! Up high on my list are aurora borealis, but also Scotland, Malta and Canada. I would really like to see more of the US, UK, Ireland, Belgium and Sweden as well. 🗺️

Your Favourite ...

Smartphone app: probably YouTube 📺

Nintendo character: Yoshi 🦖

Wednesday evening activity: lovely conversations with my husband or watching a TV show together 👫

Way to relax: turning on “Die Drei Fragezeichen” and baking! Or just going outside for a walk. 🧁

byte5 reminder: Everything about my first Umbraco-Festival Deutschland 2018 (UFD18). Closely followed by the win of the Golden New Work Star 2019.  

A part of my Second Family and I at the legendary UFD18! 🤩 - © Douglas Robar

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