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Dennis Zille

Everyone in our team contributes to making byte5 the company we all love: with their personality, their knowledge and their individual competences. In our team series, our employees introduce themselves – this time, it’s senior dev Dennis Zille.

As one of our veterans, Dennis is a multiple speaker at the Umbraco Festival Germany and a strawberry jam purist. Dennis recently celebrated his fifth anniversary at byte5. And a lot has happened since the 30-year-old joined the team five years ago. Two of his highlights: becoming a Senior Dev in 2018 and going to the US for Microsoft Build 2019 – the latter made possible by our event budget with which every byte5-er can attend events that interest them.

Your Private Self

Your position at byte5: software developer

You like: sleep

You don’t like: loud people

Your biggest geek achievement: When I got my bachelor’s degree.

What you wish to be doing exactly 50 years from today: Hopefully not much.

Your byte5 Self

A meh day at work: Lots of meetings!

A great day at work: No meetings at all!

What do you find most exciting about the project you’re currently working on? The close cooperation with the customer and the various external service providers. And the opportunity to develop new and exciting solutions together.

The ... of Your Dreams:

Super power: telepathy

Travel destination: I would like to go to Iceland one day.

Your Favourite ...

Smartphone app: WhatsApp

Nintendo character: Waluigi

Wednesday evening activity: Going for a drink with my colleagues.

Way to relax: sleep

byte5 memory: Visiting Microsoft Build in Seattle back in May last year with my colleague Marcel. The whole trip and the conference itself were a pretty cool experience!

Dennis und Marcel von byte5 auf der Microsoft Build 2019

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Dennis und Marcel von byte5 auf der Microsoft Build 2019

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By the way, we currently have a vacancy as a senior developer & project manager. Exactly your turf? Find out more in our video or apply right away!

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