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Version 7.5.0 Makes Umbraco

Better, Faster and Easier to Use

After weeks in the beta phase, the new Umbraco 7.5.0 is now ready for download. Learn more about all the innovations and advantages it brings,

After a few weeks of beta testing the new Umbraco version 7.5.0 has been ready to be downloaded since last Wednesday. Besides of the new health check function it also offers a better platform for package organisation, that allows users to add functions to their CMS, comfortably and without any risk. 

The new Umbraco version 7.5.0 has become better, faster and easier. The penultimate herald of the planned major release 8.0 has been available for download since last Wednesday and offers lots of new functions and remedies to small things that weren't perfect. All in all, 171 issues from Umbraco's issue tracker have been solved – 35 percent by members of the worldwide Umbraco community instead of the HQ developers. Reason enough for us to send a huge H5YR out there to all those who have helped to improve the system in their spare time!

The changes that go along with the new version and why you should consider an update is all written down in this blog post by our colleagues at Umbraco HQ. 

All the important information about about the new software version cannot only be found in the Umbraco blog. There's also an episode on uHangout, Umbraco's very own Youtube-channel, where developer and project manager Sebastiaan Janssen talks about the new version with Warren Buckley.

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