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Umbraco 10 –

What's New?

In June, Umbraco 10 was released. Everything about the most important changes in the new version of the CMS can be found here.

After the release candidate for Umbraco 10 was released for testing by all users at the beginning of May and the last bugs were fixed, it was time for Codegarden 2022 on 16 June: Umbraco 10 is out!

Cross-platform and .NET 6

Eight months after the last major version of the CMS, Umbraco 10 is the next version with long-term support (LTS) until 2025. In the past, major versions were often released at intervals of several years and with major changes in the UI but also under the bonnet. By shortening the time between the new main versions, the headquarters wants to keep the differences to the previous versions as small as possible and thus simplify the updating process for users. At the same time, the new rhythm is adapted to the cycle of .NET releases and Microsoft's LTS strategy, which means that innovations in the underlying frameworks can also be taken into account in the further development of the CMS.

Umbraco 10 is therefore based on Microsoft's latest version of ASP.NET Core and .NET with version 6. In addition, V10 offers cross-platform support for the first time, which means it can be installed on Windows as well as Linux and macOS without any fuss. Technically, this has been realised through the introduction of SQLite, a fully cross-platform, file-based database.

Many of the new features and improvements that come with V10 are based on the update from .NET5 to .NET6. New features - such as filescoped namespaces or constant interpolated strings - and at the same time an improvement in performance are also brought about by the use of the latest version of C# (C#10), which is intended to simplify development and increase productivity.

Breaking Changes in Umbraco 10

Nevertheless, even with the latest version of Umbraco, there are some breaking changes that can cause difficulties when moving: For example, moving some classes to other assemblies referenced by old parent assemblies may require custom code to be renewed as with Umbraco packages. These updated dependencies must be taken into account when APIs are used in the project. Affected by this include:

  • ImageSharp2
  • ImageSharp.Web 2
  • Examine 3
  • NPoco 5
  • AngularJS 1.8.3
  • Diff 5

More information about the changes in Umbraco 10 can be found here.

Together with Umbraco 10, two new major versions of Umbraco Forms and Deploy have also been released and updated to .NET 6. While these do not contain any new features, there may still be some breaking changes due to the move to the latest .NET version.

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