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Ucommerce 8 Dashboard

The new Ucommerce dashboard makes it easier for web shop owners to see at a glance what is happening in their web shop and in real time. As a long-term Ucommerce partner, this is very exciting for us, but also for every other user!

It is the heyday of web shops and digital commerce. Service providers such as Ucommerce are constantly striving for providing retailers with solution that makes their webshop as convenient and secure as possible. The new Ucommerce 8 dashboard contributes greatly to this. As a long-term Ucommerce partner, this is very exciting for us, but also for every other user!

The Ucommerce Dashboard: What's New?

The new Ucommerce 8 dashboard is no longer based on a concoction of .NET and AngularJS, but on VueJS. Ucommerce sees several advantages in changing the framework: “It is performant, has a strong ecosystem surrounding it, and on top of that all, it is very pleasant to work with.” In addition, new front-end technologies are being used for ensure more efficient and modern work.

The new dashboard also has an answer to a problem that online retailers regularly face: they often lack a good overview of their shop. The new dashboard wants to narrow this gap between retailers and stores by providing real-time information about what is going on in the shop – with the help of a simple overview that does not present a complicated analysis, but is rather limited to the most important thing: the key figures of the last twenty-four hours. Of course, this view can also be expanded by a number of details so that web shop owners can track what has been going on in their shop in the past thirty days or even in the past year.

A feed is also part of the dashboard. The following five notification types are currently displayed in the feed:

  • a new customer has placed an order
  • an existing customer has placed X orders
  • a customer is approaching check-out – at this point the customer can be contacted directly
  • an order has been placed
  • a campaign was launched

The feed can be completely adapted to personal needs by only showing the relevant notification types. High-priority notifications can also be enabled to appear at the top of the feed. More information on the new functionalities is available in the original article on the Ucommerce website.

In this video, Ucommerce introduces its new dashboard:

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