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The New Path to Becoming an

Umbraco Certified Master

With the new certification course "Searching and Indexing with Examine", there has been a fifth course added to the path of becoming an Umbraco Certified Master.

In the future, it will still only take one single week of training to gain the title Umbraco Certified Master. Though, a change in the system was introduced to the Umbraco certifying process this summer which makes five courses out of the formerly four.

Umbraco Certified Master – for over a year now, this title has been the one that represents an Umbraco-certified developer’s special qualifications. A developer who graduated all existing official Umbraco courses and who passed a test on every single one of them.

To gain this, one single week of training was enough. Those trainings can’t only be taken at the Umbraco headquarters but also at Germany’s only training partner byte5 – in our offices in Frankfurt, three times a year. Still, there has been a small change made in becoming an Umbraco Certified Master this summer: The training that needs to be completed now includes five courses instead of four.

The reason for this is the adjustment to Umbraco Fundamentals, the obligatory basics training, which can now be completed within one day instead of two. Like before, participants will reach the title of Umbraco Certified Professional after having gained 100 points. The second day of the two-day course will be replaced by a training called “Searching and Indexing with Examine” which introduces the structures of Lucene.net and Examine. Instead of 250 points, participants will have to reach 300 in order to become an Umbraco Certified Master.

Becoming an Umbraco Certified Master

Since last year, the certifying process for Umbraco has been divided into three steps: Everyone who completed the Fundamentals Training and collected 100 points by learning the basics of Umbraco is a Umbraco Certified Professional. Participants who collected 200 points by participating in two additional courses of their choice can call themselves an Umbraco Certified Expert. Everyone who has completed all five courses holds the title Umbraco Certified Master.

Die drei Levels der Umbraco-Zertifikationen

Die drei Levels der Umbraco-Zertifikationen

Becoming a universally certified Umbraco developer means taking these five steps:

  • Umbraco Fundamentals: In this course, you will build a basis by learning the best practices when working with the CMS Umbraco. A part of this course is the obligatory training of basics such as generating document and data types as well as creating a multilingual site structure with Umbraco.
  • Extending the Umbraco back office: This course deals with the optimised use of Umbraco’s back office. Developers and designers learn how to create individual editors by using AngularJS. They also learn further possibilities they can use to realise creative ideas in Umbraco.
  • Umbraco MVC & Visual Studio: Learn how to use ASP.NET MVC templates for an Umbraco-based website by using Microsoft Visual Studio’s routing, models, controllers and Ansichten in this course.
  • Searching and Indexing with Examine: This course deals with the basics of search functions in Umbraco using Examine and Lucene.net. By that, you gain insight to optimised indexing of your sites and to integrating faster search functions.
  • Application integration with Umbraco: In this final course, you will work on an example which will help you develop the competences you need to integrate third-party applications into Umbraco based on ASP.NET.

All courses are offered by our experienced Umbraco trainers at byte5 several times a year. The next week of training will take place in Frankfurt from the 11th to the 15th of September. It is also the last training in 2017. All dates for 2018 will be announced shortly.

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