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Quickly and securely:

Updating the Beck Shop to Umbraco 13.

Technology doesn't stand still, and neither does the Danish CMS, Umbraco. In December 2023, the 13th version of Umbraco was released. We have already published a blog article about the new features of Umbraco 13. However, to enjoy these new features, an update is necessary.

Our .NET team lead, Dennis, implemented the update for our customer C.H. Beck's shop platform. Up until then, the site beck-shop.de was still running on Umbraco 11. But since December 2023, Umbraco does no longer provide security updates for this version.

What we've done

Um zu gewährleisten, dass die Seite durchgängig performt und keine Fehler eingespielt werden, haben wir das Update auf einer Staging Umgebung des Shops eingespielt und zwei Tage lang gründlich getestet. Dabei legen wir besonderes Augenmerk auf sogenannte Breaking Changes, also Änderungen, die möglicherweise zu Fehlfunktionen führen können. Beim Beck-Shop war das Umbraco Forms.

Basically, such an update is just a button click, and if everything runs smoothly – great! However, as the digital service provider for C.H. Beck, what matters most to us is that the customers of the shop do not notice this update. And that requires a bit more preparation.

Dennis Zille,

Senior Developer

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Before going live, the customer can thoroughly test everything again. If no issues are found, the update can be deployed to the live site. In case of technical problems, we always take an additional backup before each update, which can be restored in an emergency to revert to the original state.

With Umbraco 13, the Beck shop now benefits from better performance thanks to the new .NET 8 version. Additionally, Umbraco 13 is a long-term supported version, meaning security updates will be provided until 2026.

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