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Cloud Solutions in E-Commerce:

A Winning Combination

The use of cloud solutions in e-commerce is worthwhile both for the operators and for the visitors to the shops, who benefit from performance, security and so on.

Corona caused profound upheavals in the economy, forcing some sectors to come to a complete standstill, but at the same time accelerating progress. This was especially true for retail. While stationary trade closed down, web shops recorded increasing numbers of visitors and growing sales. Gross sales of goods in e-commerce rose by 14.6 per cent to 83.3 billion euros in Germany in 2020. Growth of 12.5 percent is forecast for 2021 (bevh 2020).

Inextricably linked to the success of e-commerce are the underlying technologies, such as solutions for content commerce, CMS or cloud.

The Aim: Efficient Working

The shop operators look back on a demanding and incalculable 2020 business year. In order to be able to continue to exist in the face of growing competition on the market, a functional IT infrastructure that is suitable for everyday use is indispensable. High demands are therefore placed on the sophisticated e-commerce solutions that are being used more and more frequently: Flexibility, availability and performance - to name just a few.

In day-to-day business operations, however, many companies reach their limits: Professional requirements take precedence over technical maintenance and further development. This leads to the fact that with heavily frequented sites, there is little time left for technical updates, releases, maintenance and the like. Shops with goods whose demand is subject to seasonal fluctuations also face these challenges. Not least the developments during the Corona pandemic illustrate the extreme changes that visitor numbers to web shops can be subject to. As a consequence, avoidable costs arise in times of low demand due to unused servers, and stability and performance are often not given in peak times.

Cloud technologies offer the ideal solution for all these challenges.

Low Costs Along with High Scalability and Performance

As a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner, byte5 focuses on Microsoft Azure when it comes to the cloud. For our customers, we provide both the transformation of existing hosting infrastructures into the cloud and the optimisation of existing cloud structures.

The transformation of existing deficient infrastructures or classic V-servers into the cloud holds enormous savings and optimisation potential. Above all, improvements in the areas of availability, reliability and recovery time in the event of a failure are to be expected. The dynamic scaling options of the cloud are also of great benefit, especially in the area of e-commerce. Both costs and allocated resources in the cloud are based on actual use and the actual period of use.

  • High availability and low downtime
  • High security
  • High scalability
  • Improved performance
  • Easy deployments
  • Easy integration of third party suppliers

The use of cloud solutions in e-commerce is therefore definitely worthwhile, both for the operators and for the visitors to the shops, who also benefit from performance, security and the like.

E-Com Experience Talks: Cloud Services, Headless and API first

Want to learn more about the cloud? Our expert Marcel Wege will be at the E-Com Experience Talks on 17 June 2021, starting at 10:00 a.m., to discuss the concept of cloud services, headless and API first. Marcel has been CTO of byte5 since 2018. As a team and project leader, he supports our customers such as Stuttgart Airport, the Max Planck Society or Carrera in mission-critical projects.

For more info on the Findologic event, click here: E-Com Experience Talks.

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