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Moving to Microsoft Azure:

Efficiently and Successfully

We transform your traditional data center resources, servers and web applications to an efficient, secure and flexible cloud architecture.<br></br> <ul> <li>web infrastruktur</li> <li>application server</li> <li>databases</li> <li>middleware</li> <li>ERP, CRM</li> </ul>

Discover the Possibilities Azure Offers

The transformation of classic data center resources into the cloud will enable you a completely new perspective on your infrastructure.

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Our Azure solutions are modern, made-to-measure and high-performing. We are convinced that a well thought-out transformation to cloud services offers an immense potential for your web project. Let us show you the possibilities infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service offer on Microsoft Azure.

Your partner

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Business Development

Pawel Kurpiewski

Pawel is the first point of contact for our cloud clients and those who want to become one.

How to we move

your entire infrastructure to Azure?

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