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More than Product Data: Pimcore

The product information platform enables the modern and efficient management of diverse data. It includes modules for digital asset management, content management and digital commerce.

Why Pimcore?

Companies today collect a wide variety of data and information - the trick is to use it profitably. The freely usable open source platform for Product Information Management (PIM) creates the basis for companies to centrally manage digital data - from images and documents to complex data structures. Product information is stored centrally and media-independently and can then be published cross-medially and channel-specifically from a single source.

The data structure and also the workflows can be individually adapted in Pimcore to the requirements of the users, making the platform ideally suited for companies of any size and industry.

Dafür beinhaltet Pimcore verschiedenen Module:

Product Information Management (PIM) centrally collects and harmonizes all digital marketing, sales and technical product data.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) enables the storage and management of documents, images or videos on the website.

The Content Management System represents software for creating, editing and organizing web content.

Digital Commerce
Pimcore E-Commerce is the solution for highly flexible B2B and B2C e-commerce projects.

Modular, Open, User-Oriented

Since its release in 2010, Pimcore has taken an API-based approach, with all functionalities being addressed by a PHP and a REST API. This makes it easy to connect to third-party systems, such as SAP, Salcesforce or Oracle. In addition, Pimcore is PHP-based and uses Symfony, a leading PHP framework.

The Strengths of Pimcore at a Glance:

Modularer Aufbau:

Einzelne Module können nach Bedarf flexibel und individuell genutzt oder abgeschaltet werden.


gute Konnektivität und Anbindung von Drittanbietern

Hohe Stabilität:

robust und zuverlässig durch standardisierte Technologie

Hohe Skalierbarkeit:

Sowohl wachsenden Useranzahl als auch steigende funktionale Anforderungen können bedient werden.

Open Source:

quelloffen und lizenzkostenfrei

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