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Here you will find an overview of our knowledge formats on the topics that move us and our customers.

Our claim is not to be able to say something about all tools and technologies. Rather, our claim is to select the best of them and to really master them. We underline this, for example, by publishing technical articles, certification training or hosting renowned conferences and events.

Our Whitepaper

Knowledge presented in an understandable and practical way

Digital Goods in the Subscription-Economy

What exactly are digital goods? What are the business models in the subscription economy? What are the advantages of best-of-breed and all-in-one solutions? Trading in digital goods can be very complex. In the white paper, we present the challenges in an understandable way and explain suitable solutions. The focus is on the perfect infrastructure with Pimcore, Hubspot and mollie.


Download our whitepaper and learn how your company can profit from the sale of digital goods with the help of subscriptions!

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Into the Future With IOTA

Distributed ledger technologies are as disruptive as they are complex. In the whitepaper, we present the 7 characteristics of an ideal DLT and explain how it works in an easy-to-understand way. The focus is on IOTA, the DLT promising newcomer from Germany.


How does IOTA differ from other DLTs like the Bitcoin blockchain or Ethereum? What are the advantages for your business? And what are the many possible uses of IOTA for your digital transformation?

Download our whitepaper and learn how you can future-proof your business with IOTA!

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The training courses take place in cooperation with the training provider GFU Cyrus AG, either remotely or on site, as desired. In addition, different formats such as open, in-house or individual training are possible. Together we will find the right training format for you and your employees.

No suitable date listed? Write to us and arrange an individual training session.

Laravel Meetups

At regular intervals, we meet for an intensive exchange around the topics that currently move Laravel and its community. At the online edition of our Laravel Meetup, Laravelians from all over the German-speaking world come together, help each other and discuss current Laravel topics. The Meetup series also regularly shares first-hand news when Laravel founder Taylor Otwell is our guest.

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