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The Online Codegarden Spirit:

The MVP and Umbraco Award Ceremony 2020

Tomorrow would have been the day: the first day of Codegarden. But then along came Covid-19 and the HQ had Codegarden cancelled. The Umbraco Awards, which are otherwise awarded on the Codegaden stage, are this year given out in a live stream on YouTube. Don’t miss it!

After Codegarden 2020 was cancelled on 10 March due to the rapid spreading of the coronavirus, the Umbraco headquarters have come up with a – for the situation – adequate substitute: livestreaming the award ceremony of the Umbraco Awards and the MVP Awards on YouTube.

Covid-19 Changes Everything

In 2020, the Umbraco Awards and the announcement of this year’s MVP’s will be held in front of a webcam instead of a 750 people audience. This way, the world’s largest Umbraco conference does not have to be cancelled entirely. The HQ is convinced the two livestreams will be an adequate compensation.

How the Awards Will Take Place this Year

With the two 30 to 60-minute live streams, that special Codegarden spirit, which we all love so much, will be kept in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic. A jury of five, consisting of renowned community and headquarter members, will announce all winners tomorrow, based on the nominations the community has sent in.

If you don’t want to miss the celebrations, pencil down 27 May in your calendar. The exact dates: 11 a.m. (MVP Awards) and 4 p.m. (Umbraco Awards). Take part in the big virtual #H5YR to celebrate all winners who will receive their awards by post. Of course, the streams will also available on YouTube for those who cannot be there live.

New Format – Beloved Umbraco-Spirit

The awarding of the MVP (which in the Umbraco environment stands for “Most Valuable People”) is a special sort of premiere: it has never been held as a separate show. But there are also things that don’t change. Umbracians will be honoured with an award, who have been particularly active in the community in past year and who are very engaged with Umbraco and its progress – be it by building packages, entering pull requests or realising other initiatives.

At the Umbraco Awards tomorrow, the most sophisticated Umbraco projects of the past year will be rewarded. In contrast to the award ceremony at Codegarden, the number of categories was cut down from 10 to 7:

  • Best Cloud Solution
  • Best Custom Solution
  • Best Editing Experience
  • Best Designed Site
  • Best Gold Partner Solution
  • Best Certified Partner Solution
  • Umbraco Jury‘s Choice Award

Now all that’s left to do for us is to look forward to the award ceremonies tomorrow – this year not as a winner like last year, but quite comfortably as one of the more than 200,000 community members.

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