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New Name, Same Strengths:

Kentico Xperience

Kentico CMS is now Kentico Xperience. As the name changes, the product remains the same. For customers that means: continuing fast, straightforward and modern web solutions.

Kentico reinvents itself, at least its name: Kentico CMS is now Kentico Xperience. The rebranding is a response to various developments of the recent years.

Kentico’s content management platform, Kentico CMS, has been known as Kentico EMS (Enterprise Marketing Solution) for a few years now, but has recently ceased to use this name. Shifts on the market in recent years have made this rebranding necessary. With the name change to Kentico Xperience, however, there are no changes concerning the product itself. The only thing that is new is the name.

New Name Makes Differentiation Easy

Founded in 2004, Kentico has established itself as one of the leading .NET CMS of the past 16 years. However, with the creation of its cloud-based Content-as-a-Service offering in 2014, the Kentico name did not longer stand for a content management system. Due to this, it was not always easy in the past to distinguish between Kentico, the brand, and its two products, CMS and Cloud. By renaming its cloud platform to Kontent last year, Kentico made a first distinction. The CMS is following suit this spring – and will henceforth be called Kentico Xperience.

Meet Kentico Xperience

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Meet Kentico Xperience

Content Management of the New Decade

Today, content management is so much more than just managing pages. As digital pioneer Janus Boye puts it, the term CMS now carries quite some baggage. With the rebranding, Kentico grants its product a new coat of paint that underlines the systems’s strengths: Kentico Xperience combines content management, digital marketing and commerce into a seamless digital experience platform.

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