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Stuttgart Airport – Project Profile

The Azure transformation for Stuttgart Airport turned the monolithic architecture of into a resilient, scalable and high-performing cloud solution.

When traffic peaked at ten times the average due to the coronavirus pandemic, the site stood firm: no resource bottlenecks, no downtimes.

The Client

With 12 million passengers per year, Stuttgart Airport (STR) is one of Germany’s busiest airports. As such, Stuttgart Airport is subject to many external factors: severe weather, strikes, unexpected security operations, and the like can impact smooth flight operations massively. It is thus imperative that the website stay available and high-performing at all times, as a vast number of visitors are to be expected.

The Highlights

The airport's website is mission-critical: It has a real-life impact and is highly frequented. In spring of 2019, Umbraco-based faced performance issues due to its monolithic architecture. To solve this problem, byte5 implemented a DevOps-centric cloud transformation.

We turned to byte5 as a multiple Microsoft Partner and long-term Umbraco Gold Partner. Their cloud transformation means an astounding reduction in costs for us while attaining the important website reliability we depend on as an airport.

Florian Frech, IT Project Manager

The Result

The cloud transformation saved the client 30 % of original monthly cost. Just a few weeks after the project was finished, the site’s newly-gained resilience was put to a test when the COVID-19 crisis hit – with traffic increased tenfold at peak time. But thanks to the reliable Azure infrastructure and the automated DevOps processes byte5 had implemented, the website remained high-performing.

In daily business, the fully automated CI/CD pipelines and release cycles make for a smooth deployment experience. The simple, straightforward processes contribute to a boost in efficiency. The site has experienced zero crashes and zero downtimes since the transformation to Azure. The data layer is now exceptionally resilient, as the coronavirus pandemic incident demonstrates.

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