Nahaufnahme einer Tür, Schlüssel im Schloss – Project Profile

With the impending broadcast of a TV commercial and the expected sudden increase in website traffic, the Umbraco-based website of the Swiss real estate portal was at risk to crash.

At the eleventh hour, byte5 was brought in as an external specialist – and successfully secured the website's performance.

The Client

With 25,000 entries, the Swiss website offers the most extensive real estate portal in the French-speaking area of Switzerland. places great importance on the user experience. It allows for individual search queries to be made and saved efficiently and quickly. In addition, the portal offers lots of useful information about moving, renting, buying, and living in Romandy.

The Highlights

When byte5 was brought in to secure’s web solution, this Umbraco-based real estate portal faced great difficulties with its performance and access times. This fact pushed’s own developers and the hired agency to their limits. An additional challenge was that the broadcast of a commercial spot on national television was imminent and increased traffic on the website was to be expected. A few days before the first broadcast of the commercial, turned to byte5 with an urgent request to make the website more stable and its performance much higher.

The Result

To ensure that the website would not collapse under the expected traffic, the byte5 team of experts began right at the root of the problem: its infrastructure. The solution lay at hand. The byte5 team moved the entire website to the Microsoft cloud, Azure. This last-minute help had a quick, sustainable effect: The website is now very resilient and high-performing. A great success!

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