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Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik GmbH - Project Profile

A new e-commerce system with an intuitive and clear design for vaterschaftstests.de: no challenge with Umbraco 8 and the award-winning package Vendr. The performance of the shop system was also increased thanks to the specialists from byte5.

The Client

Founded in 1998, Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik GmbH operates vaterschaftstests.de, a platform for the purchase of various DNA analyses for private individuals. Among other things, the specialisation lies in tests that determine the biological father of a person. The declared goal is to help people learn more about their ancestry and relationship. With more than one million DNA tests carried out and associated expert opinions generated, vaterschaftstests.de offers a secure analysis of sensitive data through state-of-the-art technology.

Eurofins Forensik entrusted byte5 with the relaunch of the existing Umbraco website vaterschaftstests.de. On the one hand, the e-commerce system was to be completely redesigned, and on the other hand, the focus was to be on user experience with new design elements. Furthermore, the client attached importance to an optimal responsive handling, an easy usability and a high performance. The Umbraco Gold partner byte5 took on the task.


DNA analyses at Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik GmbH - © DNA-Analysen bei Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik GmbH

The Highlights

  • User experience and responsive design as pillars of the project
  • Modern design elements provide clarity
  • Significant increase in performance and intuitive usability
  • Complete redesign and realisation with Umbraco 8
  • Use of the award-winning Umbraco package Vendr

The Challenges

When the project was taken over, the byte5 team went straight into the conception and developed a new website design. The task was to create a new e-commerce system whose design would allow an intuitive and clear user experience. When choosing the design elements, it was important to design icons and images in a neutral and appealing way in order to underline the high trustworthiness of the site. In implementing the UX concept, the byte5 team followed the key principle of simplicity in user guidance. In the development of the shop system, the mobile-first approach was also of particular importance.


A particular challenge was the imagery. We sell DNA tests and subsequent services, some of which were difficult to visualise in an appealing way. The changeover of the shop system was also unfamiliar at the beginning. However, Vendr is virtually self-explanatory, which made it much easier to get used to.

Claudia Strelzing, Senior Online Marketing Managerin Eurofins Forensik GmbH

The Solution

The existing shop system ran on Umbraco 6, was overhauled by byte5 and completely redeveloped with Umbraco 8. The team designed a Microsoft Azure-friendly e-commerce system with variant logic, which it neatly integrated with Umbraco 8 and the award-winning Umbraco package Vendr. On the CSS side, Tailwind was used. To make the UX as intuitive and fast as possible, the byte5 team also developed a assistant to help users find the most suitable relationship test for them. For easy payment processing, the payment service provider stripe was integrated.


The Result

The byte5 team created a modern shop system that leaves no wishes and requirements unfulfilled: vaterschaftstests.de now has a remarkable performance, can be operated intuitively by users and is clearly structured. Existing design restrictions due to iFrames could be solved by a free design and the hosting on Microsoft Azure could be improved. The completely new design, the login support and the newly developed assistant form a sensible unit and primarily ensure one thing: an impressive user experience.


Our small shop serves a niche product that is mainly searched for via smartphones. Everything has to be accessible on a small screen and also quick to navigate. We have been very successful in this.

Claudia Strelzing, Senior Online Marketing Managerin Eurofins Forensik GmbH

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