Unsere Werte

Our Values

We don’t do pitches, supposed bargain offers or project hijacking. What we do is whole-hearted client focus.

People and Trust

Values ​​are omnipresent in business, but often only lead to marketing phrases instead of genuine consequences. An authentic handling of our own company values ​​is very important to us and is reflected in our attitude and actions, both internally and externally. We regularly check processes and decisions for compatibility with our culture.

Right from the start, people, not organisations, have been at the centre of our thinking, feeling and acting. We place great value on empathy and building trust, so that our partners feel that they are in good hands, both professionally and personally, and entrust us with the projects they are responsible for. It is not without reason that byte5 has received multiple awards for its culture of trust and which also has been featured in the media.


Our No-Pain-Policy

Die Basis dieser Vertrauenskultur bildet unsere No-Pain-Policy. Denn die Freiheit des:der Einzelnen geht bei uns nur so weit, bis bei anderen ein Schmerz entsteht. Was wir intern in der Zusammenarbeit mit den Kolleg:innen leben, gilt auch nach außen: Wir setzten alles daran, dass bei unseren Kund:innen Schmerz gar nicht erst aufkommt bzw. sind dafür da, ihn zu beheben. Egal, ob dieser durch uns, frühere Projektpartner:innen oder Gegebenheiten im eigenen Unternehmen verursacht wird.

Therefore, we rely on extreme openness and transparency:: we generally do not offer pitches and supposed bargains. We do not work as a sub-contractor for agencies, but only exclusively for our clients. byte5 is committed to achieving the best possible client goals, not the requirements of third parties.

Our openness also includes our knowledge: Wherever possible, we rely on knowledge transfer. We have no secret knowledge that keeps our clients artificially dependent. Instead, we empower them to work independently, because the realisation of project success is our common goal. We stand firmly by the side of our clients, ready to get to work.


Our Values in Everyday Life and in the Work with Our Customers

When it counts, we are there

Curiosity is our driving force

Leading through market-changing technologies

Appreciation for constructive cooperation

We do it our way

Guaranteed success through focus on bottlenecks

We share our knowledge as mentors

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