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byte5, the Enterprise

We are not an agency, but a technical service provider specialising in the implementation and optimisation of complex web and e-commerce projects using the most advanced technologies and methods.

  • success by unique customer orientation
  • the correct way or not at all: experts instead of generalists
  • pragmatic and transparent solution concepts
  • individual adaptation of agile project management methods
  • a passion for smart high-performance cloud solutions
  • award-winning new work culture and lean thinking

    What Makes byte5 Different

    Our curiosity is what drives us to solve the technological challenges of digital transformation as best as possible.

    Christian Wendler in einer Besprechung mit Laura Vogt und Cedric Klug-Offermann

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    Deeply rooted in our DNA is the conviction that there are countless agencies, system companies and consulting firms, while byte5 stands for a unique combination of client focus and progressive IT service.

    We are passionate about balancing economic pragmatism and technical expertise as best we can to make our clients the winners of the digital revolution. The continuous exploration of innovative technologies and methods makes us digital pioneers for the complex web projects of medium and large-sized companies. We regard an interpersonal relationship based on empathy as an unconditional prerequisite for a sustainable project success in order to enable mutual trust on all levels.

    byte5 was founded by Christian Wendler in 2004 to make the developments of mission-critical internet solutions by two well-known companies a success. A trusting and personal relationship had already existed before. However in 2007, the growing project volume led to the decision to convert this service based on personal values ​​and expertise into a scalable business model that remains true to everything that makes byte5 so special for us and our clients.

    Consistent Openness and Transparency

    We don’t do pitches, supposed bargain offers or project hijacking. What we do is whole-hearted client focus.

    Laravel-Meetup Rhein-Main mit Moderator und byte5-CTO Marcel Wege

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    Values ​​are omnipresent in business, but often only lead to marketing phrases instead of genuine consequences. An authentic handling of our own company values ​​is very important to us and is reflected in our attitude and actions, both internally and externally. We regularly check processes and decisions for compatibility with our culture.

    Right from the start, people, not organisations, have been at the centre of our thinking, feeling and acting. We place great value on empathy and building trust, so that our partners feel that they are in good hands, both professionally and personally, and entrust us with the projects they are responsible for. It is not without reason that byte5 has received multiple awards for its culture of trust and which also has been featured in the media.

    In addition to passion, curiosity, creativity and the pursuit of performance and efficiency, we are characterised by our independence, openness and transparency. Therefore, we generally do not offer pitches and supposed bargains. We do not work as a sub-contractor for agencies, but only exclusively for our clients. byte5 is committed to achieving the best possible client goals, not the requirements of third parties. We stand by our clients’ side, ready to tackle challenges. We practice argumentative, factual, neutral and clear communication.

    Digital Success Belongs in the Right Hands

    The byte5 recipe for the market leaders of tomorrow is based on the courage to make changes as well as on technical and methodical competence.

    Besprechung im Team bei byte5

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    The project entry point for byte5 is not set, it takes place in the most different phases of a project. Hence, we offer coordinated onboarding processes. What they all have in common is that they focus on the existing project bottleneck according to lean thinking and then aim for a pragmatic solution. To us, technical sophistication is never an end in itself, but only serves the project goals and an improved return on investment.

    In early project phases, the focus is on consulting and analysis in order to develop a viable and optimally coordinated concept together with our client. The questions range from the selection of the appropriate best of breed tools, to software architecture, design of the digital workflows and resource planning.

    If there is a bottleneck in technical knowledge, we share our knowledge with the client in on-site trainings and certification courses. When it comes to methodical competences, we bring these services to the project from the outside. A very successful and goal-oriented variant for our clients is the formation of cooperative Scrum teams, the roles of which are filled with the experienced staff on the client’s side as well as the byte5 experts. Our portfolio also allows the outsourcing of the entire development and the provision of fixed specialist contingents.

    It has become somewhat of our speciality to take on projects that are stuck for one reason or another. Even if this standstill is deeply rooted, thanks to our experience, we are often able to promptly defuse the problem situation. Impairment of business operations is reduced as much as possible and time for a fundamental solution is gained.

    Expert Knowledge Instead of an Agency-Style Sales Tray

    By specialising in selected technology stacks, we know every important detail.

    Die Umbraco-Community jubelt auf dem Umbraco-Festival Deutschland 2019

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    It is not our objective to work with every tools or technology out there. Our aim is rather to select the best of them and to really master them. Only then are we able to find unconventional solutions or to identify and eliminate them faster than other causes of the problem.

    Since our client projects are always very individual and highly integrated web solutions, we are constantly looking for the best tools for this environment. Our criteria include things such as openness to adjustments, performance and stability at the enterprise level. But licensing and data protection requirements are also being checked. We currently offer two server-sided technology stacks: Microsoft .NET with various CMS’s and e-commerce solutions as well as PHP, exclusively with the Laravel framework. On the client side, powerful JavaScript frameworks are used for browser and mobile app scenarios.

    Our developers organise themselves in agile project teams and each occupy different specialist areas. They work every day to expand their expertise, study the latest updates and closely monitor long-term trends in the respective tech niche. They always give our clients access to this knowledge – always being true to the motto “sharing is caring”.

    byte5’s ambition is to be the leader in the German-speaking region in every technology or method included in our portfolio. We emphasise this through the publication of specialist articles, official partnerships, certification trainings or the organisation of renowned conferences.

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