Ein Gruppenbild vom fröhlichen Team von byte5 auf dem Umbraco-Festival Deutschland 2018

Why We Love the Umbraco Community

The 14th Codegarden will take place from 23 to 25 May 2018. Of course, the team of Gold Partner byte5 will also be there.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Umbraco community’s biggest event of the year, Codegarden in Odense, Denmark, has pretty much everything – from A as in Awards to M as in “Mindful Morning Meditation” to W as in Workshops. In addition to the over 40 sessions, Codegarden offers its visitor a lot. And by that we not only mean the technical gain, but also the many smaller and larger interpersonal moments with the Umbraco community, which is the heart of Codegarden – the heart of Umbraco.

Now, before the byte5 team, as part of this community, makes their way to Odense next week, we asked some of the byte5-ers particularly appreciate about the Umbraco community. We interviewed seven team members – three developers, a web designer, a financial accountant, an editor and the company founder himself. They all have come across Umbraco in one form or another, for different amounts of time and yet have one thing in common: They are enthusiastic about its community. Here they share their personal favourite experiences.

Theresa has been Umbraco-Dev for six years and has been on the Codegarden stage as a speaker herself.

byte5-Entwicklerin und Umbraco-Genius Theresa Frei

© Douglas Robar

If you ask for it, you can get help from so many people within a very short amount of time. You don’t have to feel bad to ask “less intelligent” questions because you are always treated kindly – even if you have someone explaining something to you for the tenth time.

Theresa Danowski

Patricia has been the heart of the back office for nine months now and has just met the Umbraco community for the first time.

Finanzbuchhalterin Patricia Geron ist bei byte5 zuständig für das Backoffice

© Douglas Robar

I think the instant sense of belonging is very cool! I didn’t feel excluded at Umbraco Festival Deutschland, although I didn’t really understand the technical content.

Patricia Geron

Tobias has been working with the CMS as an Umbraco-certified web designer for five and a half years.

byte5-Entwickler und UX-Spezialist Tobias Flügel

© Douglas Robar

The Umbraco world is a comfortable environment for me, even if as a designer I am outnumbered. What sets the community apart for me is the shared spirit. I like the striving for doing more of what we have already achieved. They’re also really nice people.

Tobias Flügel

Christian is a community veteran, the byte5 founder and a developer all in one person.

byte5-Gründer und -CEO Christian Wendler

© Douglas Robar

The community is like a second family, you don’t get that everywhere! The best example for this is community meet-ups such as Codegarden, where the online community meets in real life – and real relationships form, often even deep friendships.

Christian Wendler

Lukas has been working with Umbraco as a developer for three years and is the author of an article in the Advent calendar 24 Days in Umbraco.

byte5-Entwickler und Umbraco-Genius Lukas Schuhmacher

© Douglas Robar

There are umpteen ways to get active in the Umbraco community: Be it that you work directly on the CMS yourself by writing code or packages, sharing your knowledge in the forum our.umbraco.org or writing articles, for example for 24 days in Umbraco or the online magazine Skrift. Everyone can help with their individual strengths.

Lukas Schuhmacher

Laura has been using Umbraco as an editor for a year. She also organises Umbraco Festival Deutschland.

byte5-Content-Editor und Umbraco-Festival-Organisatorin Laura Vogt

© Douglas Robar

Everyone is welcome in the Umbraco community. It is not a pure developer community. Every member – be it a developer, manager, editor or something entirely different – is valued for their contribution. The community warmly welcomes every new member and is always open to new faces, new stories and new ideas.

Laura Vogt

As the byte5 CTO, Marcel knows Umbraco like the back of his hand. He is also a core contributor.

byte5-CTO, -Projektmanager und Umbraco-Genius Marcel Wege

© Douglas Robar

The support of the Umbraco community is extremely personal. If you have problems, you always contact someone you know to help you. The festivals and Codegarden are also excellent!

Marcel Wege

We are so excited to travel to Odense for Codegarden next week! We are looking forward to meeting old friends, meeting new people and meeting a diverse community that really lives the open-source character with their respect, tolerance and openness.

We are also excited to meet this great community five times this year! In addition to our own Umbraco Festival Deutschland which took place three weeks ago and Codegarden which will go down next week, the byte5 team will also travel to Umbraco Poland Festival in September, the Dutch DUUGfest in October and to Umbraco UK Festival in November. Of course, you can read about our adventures here on our blog.

If you will also be at Codegarden: see you there! If you stay at home this time, you will of course find everything you missed right here on our blog in our recap. We will also report live from Codegarden on our Twitter account.

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