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Welcome to byte5 ... Jerome Reinländer

In this blog series, the newest members of our second family introduce themselves. Today: new master graduate and junior dev Jerome Reinländer.

Friday, November 22, 2019

In this blog series, the newest members of our second family introduce themselves. Today: new master graduate Jerome Reinländer. The 29-year-old has been part of the byte5 team as a junior developer for almost two months.

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My Way to byte5

Where are you from? Where were you before you came to byte5?

I come from Frankfurt and graduated with my Master’s in Computer Science at the TU Darmstadt this last summer semester. I also worked at the Fraunhofer Institute for Graphic Data Processing.

What brought you to byte5?

After finishing my studies, I was looking for an employer to whom his employees are important as people. Money is not everything. And it doesn’t help me if I have a lot of money in my pockets, but I am unhappy to go to work every day because I don’t feel comfortable there at all. I am also not too serious of a person and my work environment should be the same.

My byte5

What project are you involved in? What is your job in it?

I’m working on the GLEIF project and I’m feeding the rabbits ... with RabbitMQ. The aim is to apply a large number of checks with different durations to a very large number of data records in order to check them for validity. The whole thing has to be extremely fast, but at the same time very flexible.

What did you find most interesting about your work in the projects so far?

I’ve wanted to check out Docker for a long time. I was able to do that in my first byte5 project.

Today I swapped my desk with the one in the byte5 kids’ room! 😉 - © byte5

Is there anything that surprised you about byte5?

Yes, the enthusiasm for aquariums some colleagues have. So far, fish have only been interesting for me because they are delicious.

Describe byte5 in three words, starting with the first letter of your name:

With a J? That will be difficult in German, as there aren’t many words that begin with a J... I’ll give it a try: Ja (yes), Jedermannfunk (CB radio), and – in its most positive meaning – Jekami: an acronym of “Jeder kann mitmachen!” (“Every one is welcome to participate!”). Because at byte5, the opinion of the individual really matters and it is expressly desired that everyone gets involved.

My Favourite …

technology: The Internet, of course. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

music genre: Phew ... I am open to everything. From Mongolian throat chants to Die Antwoord to Slipknot. Just no German Schlager. That’s a taboo.

film genre: It depends. But, actually, everything that does not implement the hero journey gets plus points.

superhero: Hulk (no, not because of that)

spot in the byte5 office: Microwave ... let’s face it: you won’t get enough food anywhere else.

place to lunch in Ostend: Wherever I can eat!

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