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We Are byte5 … Sören Deger

Each and every one in our team contributes with their personality, their knowledge and their individual competences to make byte5 what it is.

Our team series introduces our employees – this time it’s project manager Sören Deger.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sören started his career working for the German Army. Today, he is responsible for both team and project management at byte5. In our questionnaire, he talks about his first steps as a developer, the discovery of his passion for Umbraco and about why he ended up at byte5.

byte5-CPO Sören Deger

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Sören Deger

  • born in 1981
  • team manager, project manager and senior developer

Your projects at byte5:

One of the most interesting projects I have worked on for byte5 were the developments of entirely software for LivingData. We worked co-operatively with their development team on komXcms, komXcms.BSP and komXcontact. I have also worked on various projects of the C.H.Beck, LEW Lechwerke and scout-schulranzen.de. Additionally, I have worked for clients such as Paul Mitchell, Gazprom and Goldpower.

Enthusiastic for Developing Software

How did you end up with your job?

When I was 13, I discovered my big interest in coding. A little later, I developed programmes using GFA Basic, QBasic and Turbo Pascal. After having been with the German Army for twelve years, I decided I wanted to do something else professionally. I took several correspondence courses and now I am a web designer and C# developer. I also did a retraining to become an IT specialist, my field of speciality being application development. In 2010, I discovered Umbraco and it turned out to be a passion for me.

…and with byte5?

 In 2014, I decided it was time to deepen my Umbraco skills. I didn’t only want to grow as a person, but also actively contribute to Umbraco getting more popular in Germany. In 2014, I stopped working for a web agency in Saarland, Germany and started working for byte5. My initial wish has been fulfilled since: byte5 hosts meetups and festivals which help make Umbraco more and more popular in Germany.

Of Inspiration and Desk Tidiness

…and what inspires you?

These days, it’s mostly online articles on Umbraco that inspire me, articles that discuss problems and their approaches to a solution. They inspire me to think further and to come up with new ideas for my applications. I use analogically for the challenges I face when developing. In general, I get the best ideas when I get some quiet and a bit of distance from work. Sitting in my garden in the evening, I’ve had a lot of good ideas in the past.

byte5-Projektleiter Sören Deger

Sören 2016 - © Peter Obermair

What motivates you?

Difficult and complex projects that are a real challenge.

What does your desk look like?

(Mostly) tidy and cleared up.

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