Starter-Kit für das Oktoberfest von byte5 für Umbraco

umbOktoberfest Flashbacks at The Unicorner

... or: Why we sent an Oktoberfest starter kit to the HQ.

Monday, September 24, 2018

The Umbraco Headquarter has recently started a new video series. Most fittingly, it is called The Unicorner. The show airs once a week and gives you the inside scoop of all the happenings at HQ and introduces you to the team over there.

New Umbraco Video Series

In his blog post on the topic, Chief Unicorn Niels Hartvig explains how he came up with the idea and what he aims at with this new show: “Now that the Umbraco HQ has doubled in size multiple times over the last couple of years, it’s time to reinvent our transparency.” At Umbraco’s core, there’s openness and with the CMS itself and the community growing and growing, The Unicorner is a new way for you to keep up with everything that is relevant, but also to find out more about the way the people at Headquarter work.

Each episode runs for about ten to twenty minutes and contains both Niels’s interview with his guests and two other special segments. One of which is called Friendly & Hungry: “The people on the show share a friendly tip of using – or interacting with – Umbraco and also share one thing they’d improve if they were in my chair”, says Niels.

But The Unicorner wouldn’t be what it is without that special pinch of Umbraco humour. Every episode features Stories from the Basement, a segment in which Niels’s guests go to the messy HQ basement and dig up something they find peculiar, funny or interesting and then chat about it with the Chief Unicorn. You’d be surprised about what you learn!

A new episode of The Unicorner comes out on the Umbraco YouTube channel every Monday. Don’t forget to check it out!

Flashback at The Unicorner

Speaking of Stories from the Basement: We ourselves had mighty flashbacks whilst watching the latest episode of The Unicorner when we spotted something VERY familiar …

© Umbraco A/S

We were delighted to see our very own Umbraco-Festival hats again! Many years ago, when we first started hosting the German festival – back then, it was actually called umbOktoberfest –, we had these fantastic Bavarian Oktoberfest hats with our festival logo on them. But see for yourselves:

© byte5

As we found out earlier this year, these umbOktoberfest hats are actually still in use at the Headquarter. At this year’s festival, Niels told us: “At the HQ, you have to wear the hat if you forgot to log out of your computer. I can recommend it, it works really well. You only want to do that once.”

So, we thought: You really can’t have too many umbOktoberfest hats. And we thought: With Oktoberfest right around the corner, what better time to send HQ another hat? And then we thought: Why not send HQ a whole Oktoberfest starter-kit?

So, that’s what we did.

© Twitter

To all HQ people who frequently forget to log off their computers, to all crazy hat enthusiasts and to all Umbraco festival lovers: Much love from your German friends!


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