Ucommerce 9: Performance and UI that Spark Joy

With its latest version, Ucommerce gives us a stable, modern platform that impresses us with its great performance. When will it be released? Today!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

It is there! The most extensive version of Ucommerce since the content and commerce platform was first published in 2008: Ucommerce 9. We took the webinar to give you the most interesting insights.

Ucommerce 9 is released two weeks late, due to the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it also comes with many sophisticated features that its users should be very happy about. Founder of Ucommerce, Søren Spelling Lund, explains how development went about. In an intensive exchange with the Ucommerce partners – which also includes byte5 –, it was evaluated which innovations would be the most relevant to implement. The results were clear: the loyal Ucommerce users wanted an enhanced performance on the one hand and a more modern UI on the other. Said and done!

More Powerful Web Shops than Ever

When developing Ucommerce 9, its performance was tweaked a lot. With this new version, web shops with particularly short loading times can now be created – even with a large number of stored products of one million and more. Behind the strong performance is the handcrafted search-driven API with the descriptive name Bolt, which enables loading times of less than 20 milliseconds. Despite the new API, you can easily and quickly migrate to Ucommerce 9. It comes in 24 languages.

Project Bolt includes a lot of breaking changes; one of them makes querying much more straightforward compared to our current APIs

Søren Spelling Lund, CPO & Gründer

Behind the Scenes: a New User Interface

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The new UI is clear and modern. The redesigned backoffice was named Kondo because of its tidy and reduced surface area – freely based on the Japanese organising consultant of the same name. Its message: Working in the backoffice should spark joy! This also includes the fast and easy-to-use interface. It is powered by JavaScript framewok Vue.js as an engine.

Multilingualism, Roadmap and New Apps for Sophisticated Workflows

The two new Ucommerce 9 apps Catalogs and Products are also a joy to use. They ensure order and clarity in their respective areas by enabling easy editing of categories, media data and so on. Søren presented them in detail in some demos in the webinar at the end of March. There will be more apps in the future. Speaking of the future: In the Ucommerce roadmap, you can see exactly which developments Ucommerce is still planning for 2020.

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The leading platform for content and commerce for Umbraco and Kentico – now more than ever! Are you curious? Get to know Ucommerce 9 in this personal demo!

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