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The Developer’s Diary: Part 3

The Go Live

Thursday, June 23, 2022

In our new series "The Developer's Diary" we give you an insight into the everyday life of our colleagues. From now on, they will report at regular intervals on updates, but also on successes and challenges in their projects. There are also interesting technological and methodological insights.

Having already explained the basics of the project in the two previous parts and dedicated ourselves to different language versions, we are now entering the "hot phase" before going live. Since Carrera's main business as a toy manufacturer runs out during the Christmas season, this was planned for November 2021. In the phase leading up to this, Marlon, Marcel and Laurens have been working intensively on data migration and the close integration of the shop and supply chain.

With New Power into the Christmas Business

In order to be well prepared for the Christmas business even in times of Corona, a close connection of the shop to the Carrera supply chain was pushed ahead. This enabled delivery dates and delays in the B2C segment to be mapped more reliably. In a further step, automatic product prioritisation was introduced based on the inventory levels, which means that the order of the products in the shop is now based on the existing stock levels.

This bypassed bottlenecks in the supply chain caused by Corona in the toy trade and boosted sales enormously.

Marcel Wege, CTO & Team Leader

As part of the B2C system, the team also worked on supporting the digital product catalogue, which is now fully automated as a result.

Here, Pimcore is used again with a built-in pdf renderer. This means that the complete data, which is also used in the B2B shop, is prepared in a different representation.

Marlon Basten, Development

In addition to making adjustments to the shop itself, Laurens, Marlon and Marcel also assist with product selling. As a new feature in the shop, customers can put together individual product sets as well as ready-made ones. This puts the focus even more on the needs of the buyers.

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Data, Data, Data

The migration of the inventory data from the old to the new system proved to be a particular challenge throughout the entire project.

The biggest obstacle was information about processes and data structures that had been lost due to the extensive restructuring of Carrera Toys in the past.

Laurens Bergmann, Developer

In cooperation with the business development department of Carrera Toys, these were largely reconstructed. In the course of this, the cooperation with the project team has grown enormously. In the future, systems and processes are to be developed together in order to avoid the emergence of new knowledge gaps.

It was precisely this close and collegial cooperation with the Carrera project team that Marcel, Laurens and Marlon found particularly positive at the same time. Because without them, the implementation of the project would not have been possible in such a short time.

And What Happens Next?

Even after the online shop has gone live, Carrera and byte5 will continue to work together: As consultants, our devs will support us in eliminating the identified problems with processes and master data. In addition, the last small details of the shop will be optimised.

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