Laravel sorgt für Zeit- und Kosteneffizienz

Saving Costs and Time: Laravel Brings New Efficiency

Time efficiency in development means cost savings for companies. New extensions make the PHP framework Laravel even more efficient.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Laravel is a powerful PHP-based backend framework. With the help of new tech tools, development with Laravel can be improved, thus increasing time and cost efficiency. With Inertia.js and Livewire, Laravel can be expanded to include intuitively usable front-end components, serverless deployment has been possible with Vapor since 2019. This gives Laravel users a smooth, full-stack experience.

In order to implement modern and interactive frontends with Laravel, developers previously had to use Javascript frameworks such as Vue.js or React. Many found themselves faced with the challenge of first having to familiarise themselves with the respective framework – a sometimes complex and time-consuming task. This changed in version 8: With Jetstream, interactive user interfaces can now be easily developed with the front-end stacks Livewire and Inertia.js. Both offer templates for implementing interactive elements and many components out-of-the-box. But there are also differences.

One Challenge – Two Solutions

“Livewire and Inertia give two different answers to the same problem. They could not handle it more differently. So, there is a great choice our there for every user,” Janosch Wann from Laravel Diamond Partner byte5 summarises. Inertia.js uses Vue.js as the template engine and runs on the server. Livewire, on the other hand, is operated on the client side and uses the Blade templates native in Laravel.

What Inertia.js and Livewire have in common is that Laravel developers do not have to write much Javascript and can thus focus on the essentials: the time-efficient implementation of a full-stack solution based on Laravel.

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To find out more on how the technical implementation with Livewire and Inertia.js works and how exactly the new frontend stacks makes using Javascript frameworks easier is also the topic of our 12th Laravel Meetup Germany, which will take place online on 15 April 2021. Laravel expert Marcel Wege will also go into detail on serverless deployment with Vapor. Afterwards, there is time for discussions and questions with the Laravel specialists of byte5.

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