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Laravel Trainings by the Diamond Partner

An important part of the work of our experts is the transfer of knowledge - remotely, on site, in-house or individually.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

A big part of the cooperation with our customers is the transfer of knowledge. For this reason, our experts offer technical training for all interested persons, both in projects and in cooperation with the training provider GFU Cyrus AG.

We believe that an important success factor in our projects is extreme openness. This also includes the transfer of expertise and certain skills. Therefore, whenever possible, we offer our clients training and coaching to enable our own employees to work independently.

The topics for our clients therefore vary greatly - depending on the individual needs of the team and the project. If our experts discover at the beginning or during an ongoing project that there is a knowledge gap or that special skills are needed for the success of the project by the people involved on the client side, they are happy to pass these on.

Laravel Trainings Together with GFU

But we are also available as a partner for third parties. As an exclusive Laravel Diamond Partner, byte5 has been handling the topic of Laravel and related technologies such as PHP or Symphony for GFU for several years.

Our trainers Marlon and Marcel teach participants the basics of the framework in a four-day workshop and provide insights into the use of models, databases, authentication, REST APIs and other useful components. This means there is something for everyone: from PHP novices to professionals. In addition to these fixed training contents, Marlon and Marcel also try to take into account the interests and wishes of the participants - be it the structure of Laravel or the individual circumstances at the companies or existing projects of the participants. Our trainers are also happy to explain how Laravel works under the bonnet and general tips on working with the framework:

If you code with Laravel and don't know how things work there, it sometimes looks like magic. That's why we also explain how it's built and what's going on in the background. When a new Laravel version comes out soon, I like to show the participants what's new in it and what they have to pay attention to when upgrading. I also often explain various tools that are used as aids in everyday work with Laravel. This way, the participants also understand the background and not just Laravel itself.

Marlon Basten, Development
Laravel Experte Marlon Basten

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During the training itself, the learned knowledge is applied immediately.

Unlike many other courses, we don't just click through PowerPoint slides. I explain and show the contents using concrete examples. Afterwards, I give the participants small exercises so that they can practise right away. Afterwards, we discuss the solutions together, correct mistakes and clarify questions. That goes down well.

Marlon Basten, Development

The first dates for 2022 have already been set:

  • 28.03.-01.04.
  • 30.05.-03.06.
  • 25.07.-29.07.
  • 26.09.-30.09.
  • 07.11.-11.11.


The trainings take place remotely or on site, as desired. The number of participants also varies. Open, in-house or individual training courses are possible.

By the way, it is not only the professional development of our clients that is important to us. We also enable our employees to keep up to date and pursue their personal interests through training, workshops and other opportunities for further development. A budget of at least € 2,500 per person is available each year for this purpose.

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