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High Speed with Laravel Octane

Since April 2021, the beta version of the first-party package Laravel Octane is available. For high-performance Laravel environments, this means: enormous speed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

First insights into Octane were already available for participants at Laracon 2021 in March. Since April 6, the beta version is now available for free and offers its users a unified first party package for running high performance Laravel environments under PHP 8 – increased performance and speed included.

Boot Once for All Requests

Octane improves application performance by leveraging high-performance servers such as Swoole and RoadRunner. In traditional PHP applications, each incoming request launches a PHP FPM worker and thus a PHP process that completes all the necessary tasks to serve the request.

"Swool and RoadRunner form a worker for each incoming HTTP request, but share a booted framework. This means it is only booted on the first incoming request, and all subsequent requests can rely on a ready-made framework. This leads to the extreme speed of Octane", explains our Laravel expert Marcel Wege.

Laravel Meetup Germany - © byte5, Laravel

Marcel will give a deeper insight into the technical implementation and function of the recently released first beta version of Octane on Thursday, May 06, 2021, at the 13th Laravel Meetup Germany. In the second slot we hand over to our first guest speaker of this online series, Joshua Blum, with the topic "Making customers happy – using Statamic and Laravel Nova to manage front- and back-end". Afterwards there will be time for discussions among each other and questions to the Laravel specialists from byte5.

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