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commercetools Is a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave Report

Just like Adobe and other industry giants, the current Forrester Wave Report names commercetools one of the best B2B commerce suites on the market and awards the German commerce platform the second highest rating, “Strong Performer”.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

In its latest Wave report, the market research company Forrester recognises commercetools as one of the best B2B commerce suites. The German commerce toolkit was analysed, evaluated and categorised, just like twelve other players such as Adobe. The report comes to a clear conclusion and acknowledges that amongst the twelve, commercetools it is a “strong performer”.

Best of Breed: Everything Commerce Means Today

In the second quarter of 2020, in the Forrester Wave Report, 13 B2B commerce suites were analysed, evaluated and divided into the groups “Leaders”, “Strong-Performers”, “Contenders”, and “Challengers”. The report also looks at the latest developments in the digital landscape. As we also have been observing for some time now, the current digital trend is clearly moving away from monolithic software architectures of the past towards microservices-based best of breed solutions. The Forrester Wave Report confirms these developments and states that customers do not want to be limited or forced to adapt to the system of a single service provider and neither to third-party systems of their partners.

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Those who use the best of breed approach also avoid resource-intensive upgrade cycles, for instance by the use of headless CMS, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and continuous deployment pipelines. They enable partial deployments without any downtime as well as automated scaling options in the event of unexpected high traffic. The need for versioning also loses relevance. Another finding of the Forrester Wave Report is the importance of user experience. Users want efficient workflows made possible by made-to-measure technologies which offer a uniform experience despite their diversity.

commercetools, the Strong Performer

It is no surprise that commercetools scores so well in the Forrester Wave Report. With its multitude of services and its flexible, cloud-native API, the German commerce platform has been a solid and flexible technology for us for years now. It is ideal for omnichannel solutions and allows many interactions with apps and other third-party systems. The Forrester Wave Report describes commercetools as a versionless and highly elastic toolset with high cost efficiency. Forrester particularly praises the product strategy and roadmap.

Forrester quadrant: commercetools, the strong performer - © Forrester

commercetools offers its customers a commerce platform for the implementation of visionary commerce experiences and only means a fraction of the financial and time expenditure of an in-house solution.

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites, Q2 2020

The Biggest Advantages commercetools Offers

commercetools is primarily aimed at large companies that prefer a proven commerce platform to a custom-built solution. There are neither scaling restrictions nor a fixed upgrade cycle, which makes webshops with commercetools particularly flexible. The Forrester Wave Report sees the ideal use case for commercetools in companies that are digitally mature, i.e. experienced and progressive in the field of digitisation. It is those companies that follow the API-first approach and maintain a strong, modern and agile development culture. We can confirm these findings from our everyday project work. In large-scale projects, such as that of our clients Carrera or the publishing house C.H.Beck, commercetools fits perfectly and helps clients get their desired pioneering e-commerce solutions.

You, too, can rely on the strong performer commercetools

Put your commerce project in our hands and benefit from our commercetools expertise and the close partnership with the commercetools dev team.

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