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Case Story – C.H.Beck: Umbraco Turns Over a New Leaf

Two birds with one stone: In this project, a new website for C.H.Beck was created, which is based on the .NET CMS Umbraco.

  • from a classic shop system to content commerce
  • a renowned player in the German publishing industry
  • use of existing third party systems

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Its vast variety of 6000 available titles makes the Munich-based publishing house C.H.Beck one of Germany‘s most renowned publishing companies. Amongst these titles are volumes of diverse scientific disciplines, but also coffee-table books, encyclopaedias and literary classics. Despite this extensive variety, the high-quality publications speak for themselves.

Being one of the country’s biggest publishing houses for books and journals, C.H.Beck made it a priority to be progressive when it comes to its online presentation as well: The aim was to build a new website from scratch. After a great number of successful collaborations in the past, C.H.Beck turned to byte5 for support with this task. The strong cooperation made an entirely new Umbraco-based website unfold – go to to check it out.

The Highlights

  • beginning of a new era for C.H.Beck
  • secure fullfillment of the requirements to develop a new website based on a new CMS
  • implementation of a technically and conceptually new corporate website
  • creation of a visually appealing website with customer-friendly usability
  • connected CMS easy to use thanks to the Umbraco base, even for inexperienced users
  • project success by transparent and friendly cooperation between the two partners

The Challenges

C.H. Beck Logo - byte5

© Verlag C.H.Beck

The internet is a place of continuous innovation. Consequently, it is important to be broad-minded in order to offer clients an attractive, modern and smooth experience on the corporate website. This was the defined goal for C.H.Beck. A new version of the company’s website was developed as the result of a close cooperation with byte5. Additionally, the objective was to work with a new CMS which would give employees an intuitive surface and hence simplify their day-to-day work. C.H.Beck wished for a flexible CMS that would offer modular extension capabilities and that would give easy solutions for individual requirements – it was supposed to be consistent and stable for the future.

As content marketing was supposed to gain more importance in the future, one of the prime requirements for the new CMS was the possibility to use it for community management and community building. A responsive design was required as much as the option to quickly adjust to strategically set goals. It did not take a lot of time until Umbraco was chosen as it offered a matching accuracy with the demands as well as comparatively low costs. Its simple operability made it the CMS of choice to start a new era.

Umbraco made online marketing effective, measurable and easy to plan again. Online marketing is fun again!

Andreas Kurzal, Online Marketing and E-Commerce at C.H.Beck

The Solution

Both the conceptional and technical realization of C.H.Beck’s newly built website went hand in hand with byte5. Following the motto “As simple as possible, as complex as needed”, four Umbraco developers worked on the project full steam ahead. It was crucial to keep the client’s needs in mind. Thus, both objectives –establishing an easy-to-use system for users with a limited internet expertise on the one hand and creating a straightforward and appealing website for clients on the other hand – could be accomplished.

An important factor for this success was the clear and transparent communication between C.H.Beck and byte5. This transparency was based on the cooperative collaboration which by its independency from location was as up-to-date as the resulting product itself.

We call Umbraco powered by byte5 our ‘Hallelujah software’: It offers a fast and effortless way of work right from the beginning. Umbraco is easy to learn for employees who do not have an affinity to the internet.

Andreas Kurzal, Online Marketing and E-Commerce at C.H.Beck
Andreas Kurzal, Online-Marketing und E-Commerce bei C.H.Beck

© Verlag C.H.Beck

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