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A Community to Strengthen Open Source Service Providers

As the only Umbraco ambassador, byte5 is now a new member of the CMS Garden open source CMS community.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

This month, byte5 became an official member in the German open source CMS network "CMS Garden". In the group of systems that includes the world's most popular (like Wordpress, Typo3, Joomla) as well as strong specialists (like Scientific CMS, Plone) our tender orange sapling is in great company. And it gets better: Umbraco as an ASP.NET based system is bringing a new touch to the group's portfolio.

"Who aims high needs strong partners to succeed!" For the team at byte5 this principle is not only important when it comes to the service for our customers, but also for our contribution to the open source community. By organising festivals and hackathons, the CMS we have supported the most so far is Umbraco, and we will continue to do this as a member of the open source CMS network "CMS Garden". With Umbraco, the first ASP.NET based software is added to the previously 14 content management systems on the organisation's list. 

"CMS Garden" which was founded in 2012 is a registered association of service providers and agencies working together on the promotion of open source CMS software, which still goes along with the fight against massive prejudice. For sources of mistrust are continuously fed by proprietary software providers – even in times that have brought free software like Android to market leadership and where Wordpress is also leading the CMS area with vast numbers of users. 

Growing Together

Besides joint conferences and representations at software and technology fairs, CMS Garden also regularly publishes a book called "CMS Gardener's Guide" that will also include Umbraco's talents and areas of usage in its next edition. It is not a coincidence that the book's motto is also about gardening. For – as explained on the network's website – "open source is just like a garden. The individual parts are unconventional and colourful, often even environmentally aware. They respect each other, leave room for individual development. Depending on different speeds of growth, some plants might dominate others. But as long as a plant is in any way viable it will always find a corner that allows it to grow and flourish."

Well, dear CMS Garden colleagues: We're looking forward to joining you on the gardening journey!

More information on „CMS Garden“, its projects and aims, as well as new garden addition Umbraco can be found here:

A strong network of partners

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