15 Years of Umbraco: of Milestones and Future Plans

Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Umbraco! The day before yesterday, the Danish CMS turned 15 years old. We take a look at what has been achieved so far and what is planned for the future.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

On Sunday, the Danish content management system Umbraco celebrated its fifteenth anniversary as an open source project. As a long-time community member and Gold Partner, we would like to say, tillykke med fødselsdagen. Let’s take a look back – and another one forward.

What Has Been

When Niels Hartvig cleared the way on 16 Februar 2005 to turn the a few years old, proprietary Umbraco into an open source project, he had not idea where Umbraco would be fifteen years later: Over half a million active installs, 1200 available packages, almost 222,000 committed community members from all over the world and a steadily growing number of community meetups, hackathons and festivals.

What Will Be

Today, there have been eight major releases, there is also an Umbraco cloud service and a newly released headless version, Umbraco Heartcore. So, what’s next? The headquarter’s aspiration to make Umbraco not only future-proof, but also innovative means that work is currently working on converting the .NET framework to the more modern and high-performing .NET Core. As is typical for Umbraco: in a team of volunteers from the global community. Due to its high expenditure of time and its complexity, the completion of the project is still in the “Later” column on the roadmap.

Until the transformation to .NET Core has been completed, we look forward to the many small and large optimisations that the HQ and the community are working on, and above all to Codegarden. The biggest Umbraco event of the year will take place from 27 to 29 May in Umbraco’s adopted home, Odense, and of course, as every year, we will be there as well! A very special highlight is already in the making: our CTO Marcel Wege’s session “Heartcore meets Gatsby”.

Until then, let’s chant Happy Birthday, Umbraco!

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