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Microsoft Azure Optimisation

Using cloud scenarios on Azure unravels countless possibilities. In our daily business, we observe that in as many as 85 % of all Azure instances submitted to us for analysis have great potential in these areas:

  • cost
  • architecture
  • security
  • performance

Using Azure to Its Full Potential

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Which Hidden Potential in Your Azure Instance Remains Unseen?

Our best practice check gives you a detailed analysis of your Azure infrastructure and comprehensive suggestions for improvement.

  • up to 72 % savings in monthly cost
  • up to 65 % better performance
  • increase in availability and security

of € 350,- net price.

Azure Best-Practice Check bei byte5

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Which unexplored potential lies in your Azure instance?

Contact us for a best practice check of your Azure infrastructure and we will show you its optimisation potential in detail.

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