Why is Umbraco a "Content Management Engine"?

Umbraco ResponsiveThe lean methodology helps to get clear picture of what you need for a successful web project. It helps to separate what's needed and what's not needed in a web application, website or e-commerce project.

That's exactly where the special architecture of Umbraco steps in because it has the flexibility and openess to follow your lean iterations, wherever they lead your web project. So it acts as a integrated content management engine within your innovative web solution.

Umbraco is more than a CMS, because it's less

Umbraco has a different approach than most of the other content management systems.

  • Less complicated
  • Less dead-ends
  • Less costs
  • Less bloated


Umbraco offers you much more flexibility

Because of the unique architecture Umbraco CMS means more flexibility for you. Lots of content management systems around offer you hundreds of features out of the box, but Umbraco is different.

Umbraco is the core of your own groundbreaking web application and can be adapted to fit your needs and workflows. That's why most developers working with Umbraco refer to it as being more of a "framework" or "engine" than a content management system.


Umbraco is highly integrative

Umbraco is no black box. It offers extensive capabilities to work with all kinds of business applications. Especially those running in a Microsoft environment like SharePoint, Dynamics CRM / ERP, Microsoft Azure etc.