In November last year the new Umbraco 7 was released. The ongoing development of the current version 7 is getting the new Umbraco generation ready for productive environments.

The main focus in development of Umbraco 7 is the total conversion of the administrative backend. 

Umbraco 6 backend:

Umbraco6 Backend 600


In comparison the all-new Umbraco 7 backend:

Umbraco7 Backend 600

The backend of Umbraco 7 is now completely responsive and perfectly optimized for being used on a desktop as well as on a tablet. The user experience has gone through a total overhaul fueled by the input of site editors and designers. To give a specific example: the number of klicks needed to create a new node has been reduced from six two only two.

The new layout is done with AngularJS. This technoloy makes it possible to easily customize the backend with a minimum of code that can also be handled by frontenders.

Umbraco 7 trainings

Mid february we offer the first official german masterclass trainings in 2014. The whole trainings are based on Umbraco 7.

If you are interested in official Umbraco 7 masterclass trainings, please let us know.