Today Umbraco turns thirteen. Here at byte5, we celebrate this special occasion accordingly. But with Umbraco, how best to celebrate such a special day? With a unicorn cake and a game of h5yr bingo of course!

A Successful Journey

Today Umbraco becomes a teenager. It has been thirteen years to the day since its first open source version was made available for download on 16 February 2005. In these thirteen years, Umbraco has learnt how to walk, has grown up and is now very successful at going its own way.

The past thirteen years have been exciting. They have been shaped by an enormous personal effort put in by the amazing community. It has been shaped by recognising and realising trends as well as by failures and successes which made Umbraco grow.

These days, the Danish CMS is used all around the world. With close to 450,000 active installs, more than 220,000 active members in the community and over 600 CodeGarden attendees last year, Umbraco is one of the fastest growing CMS – and one of the friendliest as we like to believe.

Umbraco has accomplished a lot in its childhood. We are excited to find out what’s in store for its teenage years and we are proud to be part of this journey.

Ultimate umbraCorns at the byte5 Office

As part of the Umbraco community, we wanted to celebrate this special day in an appropriate manner! This is why you saw two unicorns (our Ultimate umbraCorns) walk around the office today and the byte5 team gather for a round of h5yr bingo.

Bingo1       Bingo3 

A unicorn cake stuffed with a teal cream filling – fitting the newly turned teenager – had been prepared specifically for the occasion and was eaten in honour of Umbraco as we heralded a new and fantastic Umbraco year to come.


Umbracorn Cake 4    Umbracorn Cake 1

Umbraco, you convince us daily – with your technology that lives the open source idea, and your friendly, helpful community. We are honoured to watch you grow.

#happyumbracobirthday – here’s to a brilliant new Umbraco year!