Strange things happened at byte5's office over the last few months: The team plays Umbraco Bingo. Actually it's not a real bingo. The whole team decides who gets the hash tag #h5yr or #h5is:

#h5yr is a Twitter hashtag invented by Umbraco's Chief Happiness Officer Alexander Kjerulf. It gets used if somebody in the team achieved something really great. It means "High Five, you rock".

The #h5is can only be given to a team member by himself if something really frustrating happened or something went wrong. It means "High Five, I suck".

H5IS Bingo

Both team members can now choose a word from our bingo wall. Each word contains a unique and special gift. From tickets for the cinema to a Tie Fighter made from plush. A new eReaders or just potato chips are also possible. You never know.

It's important for us, that even #h5is is like a positive response to a team member. You can learn from failures and without failure it's not possible to find new and creative solutions for our customer's needs.