Lean Web Tactics - Never invest in the wrong web projects and features again

Yes No MaybeDo you know situations where you have to make critical decisions on web projects and you don't feel comfortable? Is the online concept worth the invest? Will the customers use the new sophisticated web functionality as expected? Too often decision makers have to take actions without knowing what will happen. It's more or less guessing or imitating competitors.

We've developed a solution that tells you clearly, if you should go down the route, change or cancel your project.

It's based on the proven principles of lean methodology, that already found their way into business strategy decades ago. But we've translated these principles to a system called Lean Web Tactics to make it work on project scope.

Lean Web Tactics will boost your web projects with:

  • Saving of valuable ressources like time and money
  • Validation of core assumptions
  • Serenity and comfort of being certain
  • Better user experience based on actionable metrics


Methodology Diagram B5s 300

Lean methodology is based on a feedback loop that puts the focus on learning instead of execution. Every iteration is considered a hypothesis that needs to be measured and validated. Using actionable metrics the gathered data will lead to insights, that provide the basis for the next iteration.

Whenever you enter different markets or adapt new business models you will experience unknown conditions and unforeseeable results. Just building something and spending many ressources on it is in reality nothing else than a bet. You could win, you could lose. Not a very professional situation, right?

Using byte5's Lean Web Tactics you get back into driver's seat by professionally validating all your assumptions, your project relies on. Afterwards you will be able to take the right decision without any doubt.