With the release of Umbraco 7 there's a high demand for Umbraco Masterclass trainings.

Who’s it for?

For people who build websites and know what html, css and javascript is, but wants to go a step further and create real content-managed websites on Umbraco. This course focuses on learning all the basic building blocks of a Umbraco website, so any webdeveloper can use these techniques to build any kind of additional functionality like news areas, navigation elements and galleries. 

Become a certified developer

For any professional who work with Umbraco, it is a must to be certified. There is no better way to show off your skillset and experience to customers and employers. Attending a Masterclass gives you direct access to the Level 1 Certification Test and status as a Certified Umbraco Developer 

What will you learn?

You will learn what an Umbraco website fundamentally consists of, and how you use these fundamental pieces together.  You'll learn best practices on multi-lingual sites, creation of re-usable navigations and lists, input via Custom forms built with Contour and finally look at how Razor will help you build custom output of any kind. During the 2 day course you will go through several hands-on exercises, where you among other things will learn:

  • How to create and design your content structure
  • How you use your own designs with html and css in umbraco
  • How to handle media and galleries
  • How users, permissions and notifications can be used for simple, yet flexible workflows
  • How multilingual content are handled
  • How to build your own forms without any code

Learn from the best

All Masterclass trainers know their way around the Umbraco source code, and have several years of Umbraco development and implementation experience. They know the real-life challenges you have with working with Umbraco, and love to share their knowledge.


For all our courses we require attendees to bring their own laptop, running windows as well as a fully configured Umbraco installation, if you own a Mac, you can either run windows via bootcamp or run it as a virtual machine with VMWare

For level 1 attendees

  • Make sure you have IIS or webmatrix installed, and you can run umbraco locally
  • Make sure the latest .net framework is installed
  • Microsoft Web Platform installer can help you out
  • We expect course attendees to have experience with working with websites and web-technologies such as html, css and javascript

Comes with free access to e-learning

All certified Umbraco developers have free access to umbraco.tv, our online learning resource, which covers all the topics you see at a Level 1 course, so you can always go back and go through each subject again, and again, free of charge.


Tickets can be bought at our Eventbrite site.

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