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What Is commercetools?

It is one tool set for all eventualities: With the system-independent e-commerce toolset commercetools, your project will become a success.

Learn more about the advantages commercetools offers and get your e-commerce solution future-ready.

Open, Scalable and Adaptable E-Commerce

commercetools is a complex commerce system which is suitable for any type of transaction. It is aimed at medium and large-sized companies whose orientation is driven by revenue. All processes in which products are ordered or booked can be handled by commercetools. This toolset is completely open. It works just as well with a CMS as it does with a framework or another application that has a front end and allows user interaction. Microservices which can communicate with each other allow individual commerce experiences with commercetools.

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Another clear added value is that commercetools offers is scaling: Regardless of how many articles a shop contains or how complex they are, it doesn't matter how much site traffic or orders there are: Thanks to the cloud infrastructure of commercetools and its platform independence, there are no limitations in technology or size.

Your future commerce project

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