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Why We Love Umbraco …

Why has byte5 specialised in working with Umbraco? We get this question a lot! We thought, why not have the team answer it? So, here goes.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Again and again we are asked why we decided to specialise on Umbraco when creating web projects for our customers. The number of possible answers to this questions is huge - and the right answer possibly not even existent. And even the great video about Umbraco that we recently translated into German cannot express all the advantages that go along with the open source CMS. So, why not ask the people who work with the Danish software every day at byte5?

Having worked as a developer on Microsoft for such a long time, Umbraco became my first choice because there's no other system I know that connects .NET and open source in a similar quality. Additionally, Umbraco stands exactly for the things that I had in mind when starting byte5: simplicity, flexibility, individuality and last but not least a lot of fun.

Christian Wendler, Gründer & Geschäftsführer

I think Umbraco is great because it's the only CMS meeting – out of the box – all the needs of challenging web projects for medium and large companies. It allows real architecture, is open source as well as Cloud ready, based on a Microsoft infrastructure and supported by a large, enthusiastic community.

Chris Köhler, COO & Geschäftsleitung

What makes Umbraco special for me is the fact that there's hardly any limit to the usage of Umbraco online. Umbraco works for simple blogs, for webshops, as well as for gigantic database systems and individual and complex content management systems. With its versatility Umbraco opens many doors to the programmers behind the projects – and thus as well for the customers.

Sören Deger, Umbraco-Entwickler & Projektleitung

For me, the special appeal about Umbraco is the system's unlimited extensibility. This is mostly due to the open source nature of Umbraco as a CMS. Who knows how to work with Umbraco will hardly find any closed doors while doing so – which is hardly possible with most other systems.

Theresa Frei, Entwicklung

When compared to many other content management systems, Umbraco's special talent is the treatment of its templates. While other systems often use fixed elements that make it difficult for the designer to take control over (especially when it comes to a clean handling of certain elements), there's hardly any hurdles or barriers with Umbraco. This is what makes the system fun to use for designers and what leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Tobias Flügel, Design & UI

I like working with Umbraco because its interface is much more structured and clearer than those of many other systems. Thus, it is much easier for developers and users to work on it.

Lukas Schuhmacher, Entwicklung

When I first got to know Umbraco, I stumbled over the expression “the friendliest CMS” and thought „well, we'll see…“. After a few months in the world of Umbraco I do have to say: The community isn't lying when it applies these words. The way people work together is open-minded, laid-back and indeed extremely friendly and Umbraco's doors are open for anyone who wants to join.

Sandra Kathe, PR & Content Marketing

And this is why we love the Umbraco community

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